An Oasis In Beantown

We all know South Boston doesn’t have the best reputation in town. But I’m about to change your mind. On the edge of Southie lies Castle Island, a unique park with an ocean view. The Island’s main focus is Fort Independence, built for protection in 1632 and now open for tours.  This beautiful oasis is a great place for a walk, a picnic and any … Continue reading An Oasis In Beantown

Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe

There’s nothing like a fresh salad and a nice picnic to celebrate summer time. A couple friends and I decided to have a picnic at the Boston Public Garden to enjoy the weather and get some sun. However, instead of making picnic-friendly food and schlepping it to the Commons, we decided to take the easy route and simply buy it all on the way. Our first stop … Continue reading Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe

What the Hell is a Foliage

As a foreigner I often miss or have no knowledge of common words and sayings. For example, I say salmon with an exaggerated “L” and “are you kidding with me” rather than “are you kidding me.” Vocabulary most people learn at a young age or simply through living in an English-speaking house has always (and probably will always) be a great weakness of mine. The … Continue reading What the Hell is a Foliage

Damn We Should Have Brought Some Beer

City Rivers are known to be extremely dirty. They have been used and abused for hundreds of years. Polluted by the industrial revolution and reconstructed by modern technology. Yet they continue to bring life to the people—even with their brown coloring. Today, they carry rich history and also, well, a little E. coli. Boston’s great river, The Charles, falls under that exact category. It’s rather … Continue reading Damn We Should Have Brought Some Beer

Caution: Birds Bite, Hard

Whoever said zoos are just for young kids are quite frankly WRONG. What’s the issue? Cute animals, some educational elements and a days worth of entertainment; Yeah, I’m all about that. I’ve been dying to go to the zoo for quite some time now, but apparently none of my friends have the time now-a-days (ball of bullshit if you ask me), so I did what … Continue reading Caution: Birds Bite, Hard