the *maine* attractions in portland 

Life is all about the adventures you take and the memories you make. My friend Hilary and I got ourselves a zip car and made our way up to Portland, Maine a few months ago. It was a one-day adventure, but it was awesome. I never got around to writing a post about it, but hey – I’m doing it now, aren’t I? We did … Continue reading the *maine* attractions in portland 

edible cookie dough ice cream

We have a new trend upon us once again. But now, instead of green juices, toasts, and acai bowls, we’ve gradually switched back to the not-so-healthy side. I’m talking about oversized milkshakes, donut ice cream sandwiches, and now… edible cookie dough. There are two things you have to know about cookie dough and why, although we all do it, you shouldn’t eat out of the … Continue reading edible cookie dough ice cream

the hamantaschen tale (recipes) 

Just like Purim, my hamantaschen tale has a lot of ups and downs. The worst “down” was probably when I saw my cute little triangles flop over to a circle while baking in the oven. I managed to recuperate all of them, but they were still not what I had intended. You see, I was experimenting with putting the filling  AFTER they baked. I guess … Continue reading the hamantaschen tale (recipes) 

Mason Jar Sugar Cookies (Recipe)

If you know me at all then you’ve probably heard about or seen my mason jar obsession. (And if you didn’t, well, now you know.) I use mason jars for just about everything. They’re my Tupperware, my glassware, my pickling vessels (duh) and my mini storage units. Not only do I own a ton of mason jars in a ton of different sizes, I’ve also … Continue reading Mason Jar Sugar Cookies (Recipe)

Two Hand’s Not-So-Secret Banana Bread (Recipe)

In lieu of my upcoming trip to NY, I’ve decided to showcase Two Hands, one of my favorite #basic NYC restaurants.  They used to have this top-secret banana bread that quickly become the topic of conversation/Insta post of every foodie. They probably have it on the menu now – but who knows.  Side Note: Did you hear that Boston’s Alden & Harlow has their “secret” … Continue reading Two Hand’s Not-So-Secret Banana Bread (Recipe)