four ways to save money on a road trip

if you’ve been following me on instagram, you may have noticed that i just came back from a nine-day road trip around iceland. the trip was spectacular. beyond the amazing sight-seeing, my boyfriend and i booked several different activities like atving, white water rafting, and horseback riding. that, plus the plane tickets, hotels, and car rental, was beginning to really empty out our wallets. so, … Continue reading four ways to save money on a road trip

how to pack for iceland

i just come back from a spectacular nine-day trip to iceland with my boyfriend rob. we packed fairly well, but could have honestly still been a little more prepared. below you will find some pro tips on what to bring on your upcoming trip. rain jacket: it rains, a lot! do yourself a favor and get a good jacket that will keep you warm and cool throughout your … Continue reading how to pack for iceland

no clean-up pb&j overnight oats (recipe)

it’s peanut butter jelly time!! c’mom people, you know you want to sing it out with me. i’ve been on this overnight oats obsession again for a few weeks now. i say “again” because i used to make them *all* the time senior year of college. but i got sooo bored of them, that i gave them up for quite some time. (almost two years, … Continue reading no clean-up pb&j overnight oats (recipe)

matisse in the studio

matisse, picasso, braque… we all know and love them. but, have we every sat down to think about what really inspired them? i’m not talking about emotionally or historically (although those are important, too). i’m talking about the actual objects that caught their eye. to us, a chair is just something to sit on. to matisse, it meant something completely different. through matisse in the studio, an exhibit … Continue reading matisse in the studio

new foodie spot: nextdoor cafe

where do you go if you’re looking for great asian food? chinatown? wrong. you go to allston. common man, it’s the home of super88, after all. and now, it’s the home of nextdoor cafe as well. nextdoor cafe is a newish cafe serving rolled ice cream, cube toast, and bubble tea. don’t be confused by hi b3ar, the other rolled ice cream shop in allston which opened … Continue reading new foodie spot: nextdoor cafe

memory unearthed: the lodz ghetto photographs of henryk ross

holocaust memorials, books, and films have always been of interest to me. every since my great grandmother shared her story with me i’ve been in complete awe. to understand such a complex and utter hatred for another human being is really just… incomprehensible. the museum of fine arts boston has a really incredible exhibit currently in view. it’s not cool or hip, but it’s important and eye-opening, … Continue reading memory unearthed: the lodz ghetto photographs of henryk ross